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Dear "Friends of Gina Cerilli,"

I am entering the race for Westmoreland County Commissioner.  This tough process starts this spring with the Democratic Primary and I am going to need you on my team to make this a success.  Running for office has always been something that I have aspired to do.  I now have the opportunity to devote my time, passion, and energy into serving the residents of Westmoreland County. 

Counties are widely perceived as the local Government of the future.  All Pennsylvania’s counties are in a period of change.  At the national and state level more problems are being pushed down to counties, sometimes without funding to pay for the programs to address those issues. Citizen’s demands for responsiveness, accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency will continue.

I bring to the table a unique set of experiences and education that will be crucial to delivering effective leadership as a commissioner. I earned my MBA from Philadelphia University in 2009. For five years I have been employed by the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County as their Public Relations Specialist.  I have spent my nights earning my law degree at Duquesne University and anticipate graduating with my Juris Doctorate degree in the spring of 2015.

Our current Government is ineffective and unproductive.  Political factions today have lost the ability to debate their viewpoints, resolve their differences amicably, and act as leaders together.  Instead we are stuck with arguments, gridlock, and nothing getting accomplished.  This does not serve the best interest of taxpayers regardless of their political party. 

My generation understands that not all people think alike. We have different viewpoints, economic backgrounds, religious beliefs, political affiliations, and even sexual orientations.  To make Government better we have to look past these differences to focus on a common ground. We all want effective Government, and we are going to have to work together to get it.

In contemplating my run for office, I have heard the voters of Westmoreland County say they are tired of the constant political squabbling in our Government today. With so much at stake I promise you if I am elected I will work diligently each and every day with my colleague Commissioners to serve the voters of Westmoreland County.   

Politics is a tough business, and it is going to take a lot of hard work to make this campaign a success. I would like to be your voice on the board of Westmoreland County Commissioners and I would like to count on your voice and your vote in May 2015’s primary election.  I ask for your support and I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Friends of Gina Cerilli
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